The Spectrum Group acquires Larson Printing

  As 2021 brings new opportunities for all of us – for Ron and Lori Larson it brings the next chapter in their lives. We are excited to announce as of May 13th, Larson Printing Co. is now a part of The Spectrum Group. For decades Ron and Lori have been mainstays of our community by providing printed materials that help keep businesses running. We look forward to continuing their tradition of high-quality printing as well as bringing our complete spectrum of products to their loyal customers. Call us today for a complete rundown of everything we can do for your business, and how we can add more dollars to your bottom line. Manufacturing will move to our Jackson facility for all of our products. Customer pickups can be made there – or just request delivery when ordering for a no cost front door service! For more information, or to place your order check out or call Colin Quinn at 641-420-5243.